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Stabilized Electro-Optical Systems​_grey-bg

Stabilized Electro-Optical Systems​

  • Airborne and ground vehicle gyro-stabilized electro-optical systems intended for law enforcement, rescue operations, surveillance and intelligence missions
  • Miniature gyro-stabilized electro-optical systems for Small UAV platforms
Stationary Electro-Optical Surveillance Systems_grey-bg

Stationary Electro-Optical Surveillance Systems

Stationary electro-optical Systems for day-night video surveillance over critical infrastructures and specially protected areas including state borders



High power airborne and land-based searchlights intended for provision of situational awareness integrable into monitoring automatic systems.

Power Electronics_grey-bg

Power Electronics

High efficiency and reliability featured pulsed and continuous wave power supplies for high power xenon lamps

Sun Orientation

Low power consumption and small mass-dimension featured satellite attitude definition sensors for attitude control systems of modern small and micro-satellites

Control-Measuring Test Bench Equipment_grey-bg

Control-Measuring Test Bench Equipment

Computer-controlled control-measuring test equipment for calibration of coordinate-sensitive electro-optical devices